Who We Are

Blackbird Gallery is a true labor of love. The hope is that it will build upon a passion that delivers on the promise to open doors to a rainbow of artists. Through their work, narratives of historic, social, and transformative content are presented. 

Art creates peace, understanding and healing in a very organic way. Our space is an incubator for thought, reflection, and imagery. The works selected by the gallery bear witness to mastery of talent and the uniqueness of the artists themselves. 

Blackbird Gallery is a culmination of a dream to bring those who have been underrepresented in the art world to the forefront. Here we provide a platform upon which they can fully express their undeniable voice.

We are pleased to present a collection of works by contemporary artists of varied experience and exposure. Our goal is to provide the backdrop for their vision and voice. Not limited by geography, style, genre or medium, we value the work of underrepresented artists and their contribution to the aesthetics of the 21st century.

Blackbird Gallery’s art advisory team seeks to educate and collaborate with the buyer/collector as to the construct of your investment as we focus on your personal objectives regarding style, content, and  personal collecting goals. 

Blackbird gallery currently provides viewing and purchase via our on-line website and virtual gallery. Upon request we are currently providing private showings of our represented artists and their work. 

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