Pamela Perry-Eatman


Welcome to Blackbird Gallery, where creativity knows no boundaries. 


Our gallery aims to celebrate the rich diversity of artistic expression from artists of all backgrounds, nationalities, sexual orientations, and experiences. While we celebrate and exhibit art from a wide spectrum of artists, we have a particular focus on showcasing the vibrant and diverse world of Black Art.


Blackbird Gallery presents a collection of works by local, national, and international artists creating an ecosystem of all genres, medium, subject matter and style. We have created a space that connects the artists to a global community of art appreciators and collectors with a deep appreciation for the unique stories, perspectives, and cultural heritage.


We strive to illuminate black art and explore the narratives that are shared through the work. Our gallery serves as a platform to amplify under-represented voices, while fostering an inclusive space that encourages dialogue and understanding among artists and art enthusiasts alike.


Through thought-provoking exhibitions, immersive installations, and diverse artistic mediums, we invite you to engage with art in all its forms. From contemporary expressions to traditional motifs, our curated collection offers glimpses into the vast and eclectic creativity that thrives within the international community.


By showcasing the beauty, resilience, and transformative power of black art, we hope to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and inspire conversations that transcend boundaries.


Our gallery serves as a meeting point for cultural exchange, inviting visitors to explore and appreciate the multifaceted nature of artistic expression, and to recognize the universal values that art embodies.

We believe in the power of art to connect, provoke, and inspire change. 


As you enter our gallery, we encourage you to open your hearts and minds to the remarkable works that contribute to the wider tapestry of human creativity. Join us in celebrating the diversity of voices and the kaleidoscope of talents that make our art community a true reflection of the world we live in. 


Detroit is a cultural hub known for its music, dance, art, and literary scene. Although the artists represented at Blackbird Gallery reside in all parts of the world, Detroit is equally represented and appreciated. There is incredible talent here in Detroit and must be experienced in order to be appreciated!




has a new location!! 



36216 Freedom Rd, 

Farmington Hills, MI 48335


Hours of Operation: 

Wednesday - Saturday: 

12 NOON - 6PM

Thursday (Holiday Hours) 1PM -8PM

Closed Sunday




Contact us at 313-600-7290

or email: peatman@blackbird-gallery.com.  


Please visit our website at www.blackbird-gallery.com. 


**We’re excited to be a  

partner with Art Money! 

You buy the art you love and 

pay over time, interest-free. 

Inquire via email/phone for further information.











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